Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA


Brought to you by four best friends who share a passion for the fiber arts, Pardon My Stash invites you to immerse yourself in knitting, yarn, crochet, and much more during a fun-loving, casual knit night. Every two weeks, on Thursdays at 10 am EST, a new episode is released, each with the warmth and camaraderie that define our close-knit group. Through lively discussions, informative lessons, and sometimes downright silliness, our original aim for this podcast was to be a recorded history of our knit nights together. Now, it has turned into a worldwide loved virtual group for everyone to sit and enjoy while they are knitting, driving in the car, or taking a walk.

After about a year of figuring out what our podcast should be, we have landed at the table of no advertisements. We don’t accept payments for advertisement on our public podcast nor do we do interviews in the sole interest of promotion. While we may quickly mention our website, we do not use our public podcast for monetary reasons. We always said that even if we had zero listeners, we would still do the podcast to record our conversations together as best friends, and that hasn’t changed.

If we provide content that is strictly fiber arts related, even within our membership system, it is never considered exclusive content to our members. We believe that the joy of creating with yarn should be accessible to all, and our podcast is our heartfelt contribution to this ethos. It’s our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much.

So, whether you’re a seasoned fiber artist or someone just beginning to explore the colorful world of knitting and crochet, join us on this creative journey. Pardon My Stash is more than a podcast; it’s a celebration of the shared love for crafting that unites us all. Tune in, be inspired, and let’s stitch together a beautiful tapestry of stories, one podcast episode at a time.

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We want to continue providing this public podcast free of charge. Creating a podcast, especially a high quality one, takes a lot of time, effort, and talent outside of recording the actual episodes. From editing the audio files to ensuring the content appears in all available streaming capacities, Pardon My Stash is a labor of love. To offset hosting the audio files, software to edit the files, and other expenses related to the podcast, you can “tip” our cast for their work using our tip jar!

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