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Yarn Tragedies

You’re sitting in your favorite spot, needles or hook in hand, happily going on your merry way… and tragedy strikes. You can almost hear the sad trombone in the background.


In this week’s episode, we get a little more fun with reminiscing about the many yarn tragedies we’ve had over the past decade and a half plus of yarny crafting. Accidents with ball winders and swifts, tangled yarn, dropped stitches, pet- and child-kerfuffles… the whole shebang. We laugh a lot in this episode and due to the nature of the topic, Tina gets liberal with the sad trombone sound effect.

We’ve all been there – but at least we can laugh about it now!

Bonus Photos from this Week’s Episode:

Drea suffers an unfortunate yarn tragedy while recording as her beautiful skein of Plies and Hellhounds yarn yields some “yarn barf.”
A photo of Tina’s “yarn barf-preventer” squirrel cage swift and ball-winder setup.
Blast from the past – a photo of Jess (circa 2009!) with some EPIC yarn barf from an unfortunate skein of bamboo yarn.

Current WIPs:

Drea – Arachne by Verily Knits

Meg – Calliope by Espace Tricot

Tina – Seed Dot Beanie (Super Bulky) by Finarina Knitwear

Jess – Between the Dragon and His Wrap by Kathleen Spurling

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