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Yarn Breaks: Intentional and Unintentional

There are so many jokes about knitters, crocheters, and overabundant stash on the internet, it would be impossible to count them all. We’ve all heard them. We’ve rolled our eyes at them. We’ve shared them, either proudly or not so proudly, with our friends. When it’s necessary, we self-impose a ban on buying yarn, with varying degrees of success. We break them, intentionally or unintentionally, and start buying again.

The cast of Pardon My Stash all went on a bit of a yarn hiatus this year, whether intentional (Tina) or unintentional (Meg, Jess, and Drea). In this latest episode, we report back what we have learned about buying yarn, not buying yarn, and how we intend on purchasing yarn in the future. We talk about the importance of supporting small businesses like local yarn stores and indie dyers, so we continue to have the availability of choice in the future. And we talk about how our stashes have changed as a result of purchasing mindfully.

Have you ever taken a yarn break? What did you learn?


Jess finished her first ever sweater!

Pattern: Sweater of Swords by Hannah Mann. Yarn: Critical Hit Dyes Ranger in “Vishka” and “Morganius”

Current WIPs:

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