Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA

Would You Rather… Crafting Edition

Would you rather…?

This week’s podcast is a variation of everyone’s favorite party game from high school/college, with a crafting spin! Tina puts us to the test with a series of “would you rather” questions all about the fiber arts. We go through the highs and lows and absolute limits of what we would do with our craft. Play along with us, and let us know what you would rather!

Current WIPs:

Drea – Arachne by Verily Knits in Plies and Hellhounds Penny, colorways “Nightmares +10” and “Flower Moon”

Meg – Owl Nouveau Cowl by Mary P. Hunt in Malabrigo Sock, colorway “Azules” and Ash and Bumble Yarn 80/20 Sock, colorway “Barn Owl”

Tina – Seed Dot Beanie by Finarina Knitwear (bulky weight pattern coming soon!) in Madelintosh ASAP, colorway “Wilted” (courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool)

Jess – Borbs, self made pattern.

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