Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA

The Fellowship of the String

Every one of us as fiber artists has our own journey to make. From beginning, when we first pick up sticks and string, to whatever struggles, pitfalls, triumphs and tragedies we meet along the way, we push on in our pursuit of a hobby that can be altogether frustrating and fulfilling at the same time.

In this episode, we talk about our crafting quest, or “the Fellowship of the String”, as we’ve dubbed it. We talk about where we started — not how we learned, but when we realized that this was the quest for us, that we belonged on this path — to biggest challenges, to where we see the journey taking us.

Current WIPs:

Meg – Calliope by Espace Tricot

Drea – Arachne by Claire Sade

Tina – Arachne by Claire Sade

Jess – Dige Vest by Josee Paquin

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