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Stress and the Struggle Bus

The lead-up to the holiday season is always full of excitement and bustle… but it can also be a trying time for many of us. With the days getting shorter and darker (at least in the northern hemisphere), all the stress and strain of holiday chaos, and the pressure others put upon us – and we put on ourselves – the approaching holidays can bring with them a lot of unwelcome unhappiness.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the benefits of freeing yourself from the oft-felt obligation of holiday knitting and the stressor that not finishing items can often be. We give a friendly reminder that crafting is a hobby, and therefore should only be pursued in the cause of giving yourself happiness, not sadness or stress. We also give some pointers about how to reduce stress on yourself if you do choose to gift crafty gifts for the holidays, and how to hopefully avoid that last-minute panic. Remember: crafting should always be fun.


Jess completed her Norrland Mittens!

Meg finished her Autumn Poplars Cowl!

Current WIPs:

Drea:  Gazanka Shawl by Anna Lipinska (Yarn: Silver Moon Fiber Arts Fingering, “Faded Jeans”)

Meg: Go Big or Go Gnome Hat by Sarah Schira (Yarn: Critical Hit Dyes Ranger in Natural, Cardinal, and Gnome Green)

Tina: Ingalls Sweater by Caitlin Hunter (Yarn is String NYC Dolcetto DK, in Red, Light Gray, and Dark Gray.

Jess: Cardinal Mittens, Thick and Quick, by Natalia Moreva (Yarn is Critical Hit Dyes, Druid DK, in Natural, Cardinal, Barkskin, and Gnome Green).

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