From left to right – Drea, Tina, Meg, and Jess

Pardon My Stash is a fiber arts focused podcast featuring four crafters with various fiber art skillsets. The common thread between them is having a joy and talent for knitting, but they also like crochet, spinning, embroidery, yarn dyeing, and others. Meeting each other roughly between 2006 to 2008, they became fast friends and have stuck together through thick and thin since.

While life may throw them curveballs, the fiber arts always seem to bring them together for craft nights, which turned into a “Wouldn’t it be funny if we did a podcast?”, and in traditional Tina fashion, she brought over the podcast equipment the next time they met up and said, “Let’s do this!”. From there, Pardon My Stash was born, and started with simple conversations to segments and catch phrases that Drea lovingly turns into beautiful artwork for listeners to purchase pins, bags, and other merchandise to use during their day to day.

Meg is the level headed member of the group, and brings a great wealth of knowledge and history from how the fiber arts came to be. Meanwhile, you never know what Jess is going to say or do, but you will learn something and they always have the best ideas.

The cast is very responsive on their individual Instagrams, and welcome their listeners to follow them and send DMs or comments! If you’d like to only follow the podcast, there is a Pardon My Stash Instagram account as well.

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