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Rhinebeck 2022 Recap

To say that Rhinebeck 2022 far exceeded our expectations is an understatement. The cast of Pardon My Stash went to Rhinebeck in the hopes that even one listener would find us and introduce themselves, and the response from you all was overwhelming, humbling, and exhilaration. As Drea said so many times “the dopamine was so high!” In this episode, we talk about the wonderful experience we had, the people we met, and how grateful and humbled we are that this podcast we created has made a positive impact on our listeners!

Photos from Rhinebeck:

Drea got to pet a llama!

We met so many amazing people at Rhinebeck! We were so grateful and humbled at the outpouring of love and enthusiasm we received from our listeners who took the time to come up to us and introduce themselves at Rhinebeck. It was the best part of the entire day.

Our group photo underneath the Rhinebeck Tree!

As in previous years, we got silly.

It really was the best day. Join us for our latest episode to hear all the details!


Jess finished her Norrland hat!

Tina stuck to her Rhinebeck budget (hear her talk more on the podcast about going in with a goal and sticking with it).

Current WIPs (mentioned in this week’s episode):

Drea: Amici Cowl

Meg: Dark Academia Sweater

Tina: Dark Academia Sweater

Jess: Norrland Gloves

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