Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA

Q&A From the Listeners #4

Different patterns mentioned during the share your current project segment

Geometry Study Cowl (it’s been frogged – Ravelry)

Adventurous Cardigan

Dark Academia Sweater (currently in testing, not available yet)

Flight of the Fabled Romance Shawl

Details Regarding the Makealong

Fall 2022 Makealong Details

Swift and Winder Recommendations

Knitters Pride Winder / Knitters Pride Swift (Plastic, affordable option – around $50 USD for both)

Woolery Swifts

Favorite Projects of All Time

I Am Dragon Shawl

Back East Wrap (Raverly)

More Simple Lines Shawl (Ravelry)

Pineapple Hat (no pattern available)

Orchard House Shawl

Walk Through Aspens Scarf (Ravelry)

From Summer to Fall Shawl

Knitting Bucket List

Rose of England Design

Wedding Ring Shawl (concept, no pattern)

#1 Tool Every Knitter Should Have

Scissors and Measuring Tape in One

Project That Challenges Your Skills

Adventurous Cardigan

Dark Academia (currently not available, in testing)

Pheodora Capelet

Orchard House Shawl

Dwarven Battle Bonnet (Ravelry, original is no longer available)

SHAWLoween (Ravelry)

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