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Project Relationships and Quickies

What kind of relationship do you have with your crafting? Or should we say “relationships”, plural?

Are you a crafting monogamist, remaining faithful to one project from the time of its inception to its bind off and conclusion? Or are you a little freer with your WIPs, choosing to cast on multiple projects at once, each serving different needs?

In this episode, the cast gets in depth with our personal preferences as to how we keep our WIPs. Drea is a die-hard monogamist, while Tina keeps a bevy of WIPs in her massive project bag. Jess likes to have a knit AND a crochet project on the needles (and hook) at all times, while Meg has a couple of different WIPs to suit different needs.

There’s no one right way to craft, and there’s certainly no moral minimum (or maximum) of WIPs. What’s your preference?

Current WIPs:

Not shown: Tina – Baby Blanket

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