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Process vs. Product

Are you a process crafter or a product crafter? A process crafter is a crafter who finds the most satisfaction in the process of crafting — they thoroughly enjoy every minute of the working, and the end result, whatever it may be, is secondary. On the other hand, a product crafter is one whose ultimate goal — the end of the project and finally reaping the benefits of the result — is tantamount. Much as in politics, most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the scale, rather than firmly at one end or the other. Where do you stand?

In this episode, we talk about our feelings regarding process and product, where on the scale we tend to fall, and what behaviors we have cultivated as a result of our preferences. We talk about how we get ourselves motivated to craft when all we care about is the product, or how we keep that motivation when the process tends to go awry. Come join us!

Current WIPs:

Meg – Poema by Vera Sanon

Drea – Arachne by Claire Sade

Tina – Arachne by Claire Sade

Jess – Mini Dragon keychain by Supergurumi

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