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One Skein Wonders

crop person demonstrating skein of blue yarn

I want to apologize for the delay of getting this next episode out. I was hospitalized and unable to edit the episodes and set them up to post. Thank you for your patience.

Also, going forward, I will try to provide non-Ravelry links for patterns due to their accessibility issues.

Note from Tina

Different patterns mentioned during the share your current project segment

Ingalls Sweater

Dark Academia Sweater (in testing, no link yet)

Adventurous Cardigan

I Am Dragon Shawl

SHAWLoween (Ravelry)

Jess’ Mystery Box Segment: Yarn Ply

Double Horns Scarf

Walk in Aspens

Main Topic: One Skein Wonders

Dragon Tail Neckerchief (Ravelry)

Homeward Bound Fingerless Mitts

Evenstar Gloves

Trellis Tower Fingerless Mitts

Simple Garter Stitch Slippers (Ravelry)

French Press Slippers

Jennika Hat (Ravelry)

Sunday Swing Socks

Orchard House Shawl (2 skeins, but mentioned)

Yarn Snob Power Ball

Dutch Girl Creations

Stratus Headband

Luna Moth Shawl (Ravelry)

Seed Dot Beanie

Hi Vis Cowl

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