Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA

Pattern & Design Ethics

When it comes to creating patterns for fiber arts crafting, are there rules? When we know there are a finite number of stitches, and they’re as old as time, can we really “copyright” them? Where do we draw the line between inspiration and theft?

In this episode, the cast considers the topic of pattern and design ethics, copyrights, copyediting, and outright copying. We discuss controversies regarding “stolen” patterns, and fiber artists wanting to keep their work close to the belt. This is definitely a divisive topic – even we as individuals have difficulty working through it! But we hope that keeps it entertaining.

Current WIPs:

Meg: Calliope II by Espace Tricot

Drea: Arachne by Claire Slade

Tina: Calliope by Espace Tricot

Jess: Between the Dragon and His Wrap by Kathleen Sperling

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