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Matchy Makealong (MAL) Starts January 1st, 2024!

Get in for a knit along, crochet along, or make along with your next project, but doubled!

Get ready to cast on January 1st for our first make-along of 2024, the Pardon My Stash Matchy Makealong!

If you’ve been following Pardon My Stash for any length of time, you’ll know that we love matching! We’ve done multiple personal make-alongs with each other, using matching yarn, matching patterns — we even have matching jackets! Now we want to go full matchies with all of you, and there are several ways to play!

You can choose to make an object that comes in pairs, like mittens, gloves, or socks (Sunday Swing socks, anyone?).

You can choose to make two of anything and give the match to a friend (or keep them both, we won’t judge)!

Or, you can find a friend to make-along with you, and match with them!

The base definition of this Matchy Make-Along is doing the same of something. This can be the same pattern, but it can also be using the same yarn, the same brand, the same designer, same type of item — as long as it matches in some way, you are good to go!

Need some pattern inspiration for your Makealong Project Choice?

Check out the links below for some paired ideas, but as always, feel free to choose something completely different. Find your joy!

Sunday Swing Socks

Filigree Mittens

Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves

Sign-ups will close on December 31st, 2023. We will be casting on on New Year’s Day, and we hope you’ll join us! This Make-Along runs from January 1 – June 30, so there’s plenty of time to try any design!

Make sure to fill out the attached form completely. It is free to join, but we keep track of progress for prizes and upcoming deals!

How to finish your makealong entry and win!

Please send any progress or completed pics to [email protected], but feel free to tag your progress pics on any and all social media platforms with #PMSMATCHYMAL2024.

Everyone who signs up in any way will receive a 10% off coupon code to the PMS store! Those who send proof of finishing will receive 30% off!

Finishing also enters you into the drawing for a Critical Hit Dyes Mystery Bag valued at $75!

It’s double the fun and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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14 responses to “Matchy Makealong (MAL) Starts January 1st, 2024!”

  1. Sarah Marchione Avatar
    Sarah Marchione

    Hello Drea, Jess, Meg and Tina,

    I am a huge fan of your podcast and are very excited for this make a long idea but I have a question. This past September I made four matching Spooky night beanies by Erin Gates. Would I be able to use these as part of the make a long or should I make something new? I do have a couple ideas in mind to make something new, but I thought I would ask if I would be able to use the beanies I recently made.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Meg Avatar

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your comment! The goal of the MAL is to start the project when the MAL starts (so on January 1st). You’re welcome to use the same pattern again if you like, but generally the plan is to cast on the day the MAL starts. Hope this helps! We can’t wait to see what you make!


  2. Lynn Avatar

    Excited! Can’t wait to start.

  3. Sarah Guiles Avatar
    Sarah Guiles

    Thank you for offering this MAL!
    Every January I get the decluttering bug, and this simple ribbed beanie fits the bill for stash busting by using up leftover yarn.
    Love your podcast!

  4. Sally Wasinack Avatar
    Sally Wasinack

    I can’t think of a better way to start 2024 than casting on a brand-spanking new project! I’ve been intermittently slogging away on an afghan and a sweater and need a change of pace. I’m feeling the sock energy!

  5. Beth Stark Avatar
    Beth Stark

    I am attempting to make 3 sweaters for each of my gran daughters, and it will be my first official attempt at colorwork. If I find out I am in over my head I may switch to mittens. I adore your podcast, and the quality of the Critical Hits Yarn is amazing,

  6. Trixie in WV Avatar
    Trixie in WV

    I’m so excited to join this MAL! It will be my first. I love the podcast, I am always so happy when a new episode comes out. Much love to all of you lovely gals! Now I just have to go to storage to retrieve my swift and ball winder, which are in a box labeled DO NOT PUT IN STORAGE, but what are ya gonna do…

  7. Kristina J. Avatar
    Kristina J.

    So fun! I’m going to kick off the new year with a pair of DK socks. Can’t wait to see what others make!

  8. Eva Brumagne Avatar
    Eva Brumagne

    I noticed this MAL one day late.
    Could I participate anyway?
    BTW: big fan of PMS. It inspired my friend Elke and myself to make a podcast outselves, about crochet. You may find it on Spotify, ‘wild van haken’ (crazy about crochet). Unfortunate detail: we speak Dutch.

    1. Tina Avatar

      No worries, we see your entry – you’re all set!

  9. Tiffany Avatar

    I started with your first episode and didn’t go to the website until today. How firm is the deadline. I would love to join with my daughter and make the same thing in knitting (me) and crocheting (her). Any chance we can still sign up?

    1. Tina Avatar

      You can, but please send the form today! I’m removing the form by the end of the day.

  10. Elisha Avatar

    I am pretty sure I signed up for this. But don’t see any email confirmation. Would one gave been sent.

    1. Tina Avatar

      Hi Elisha – I just resent the user notification that automatically was sent to you on December 29th when you submitted your entry form. Please double check your spam! Thanks!

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