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Make Alongs!

There’s nothing like settling in with a friend (or like-minded strangers who are about to become friends) with some good yarn, needles (or hook), and a project you can share! This week the cast – led by Drea – talks about make alongs, why we love them, the ones we’ve participated in in the past, and what keeps us coming back for more.

Speaking of Make Alongs, the cast of Pardon My Stash will be kicking off our 2023 make along season with the Tea Time Cozy MAL! Running from April 1st -September 1st, the Tea Time Cozy MAL is all about comfort… and tea! Pick any project that you like, as long as it in some way relates to tea time? A tea cozy for your tea pot? A fancy doily to display those cute little tea snacks? Maybe a pair of mitts to protect your hands from the heat of your mug. Or a mug insulator, to cut out the middle man. The possibilities are endless and the restrictions are few! If you’d like to join us (and we hope you do), head on over to our Get Involved page to sign up! Sign ups run from now until March 31st. And be sure to tag your progress with our official hashtag, #PMSTEAMCOZY23MAL.

Current Projects:

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