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Lessons Learned in Crafting

If you’re a fiber arts enthusiast, you probably have experienced the joy and frustration that come with creating something with your own hands. In this week’s episode of the Pardon My Stash podcast, host Jess explores the lessons that can be learned from crafting, both good and bad.

Crafting is an excellent hobby for anyone who enjoys making things, working with their hands, and learning new skills. But as Jess explains in this episode, there are lessons to be learned from the experience of crafting. One of the most important is the art of saying no. Whether it’s taking on too many projects or feeling pressured to monetize your crafts, knowing when to say no is essential for preserving your passion and creativity in crafting.

Current Works in Progress (WIPs) from Cast

Another lesson that Jess and castmates, Drea, Meg, and Tina discuss is the importance of taking your time and avoiding the temptation to turn slow fashion into a consumerist hobby. With the rise of the slow fashion movement, more people are turning to crafting to create their own clothing and accessories. However, as the cast notes, there is a risk of falling into the trap of buying more materials than you need or feeling the pressure to constantly churn out new creations.

For anyone who has ever thought to try to make a knitted parachute or attempted to construct a fort out of yarn and blankets, this episode is sure to resonate. As the cast reveals, even the most experienced fiber artists have their share of crafting failures and lessons learned. But as they also note, these experiences are all part of the joy of crafting and can ultimately make us better creators.

Cast’s Finished Objects

Tina’s Baby Cardigan and Very Vital Beanie in Newborn Size

One of the most interesting points made in this episode by Meg is about the power of swatches. For many fiber artists, swatches are an essential part of the crafting process, allowing them to test out different stitch patterns, gauge, and colors before committing to a full project. But as Jess and Drea point out, swatches can also be a source of frustration and anxiety, particularly for new crafters who may feel overwhelmed by the process.

Overall, this episode offers a thoughtful and engaging exploration of the lessons that can be learned from crafting. Whether you’re a seasoned fiber artist or just starting out, there is something to be gained from the experiences and insights shared by Pardon My Stash.

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