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  • Matchy Makealong (MAL) Starts January 1st, 2024!

    Matchy Makealong (MAL) Starts January 1st, 2024!

    Get ready to cast on January 1st for our first make-along of 2024, the Pardon My Stash Matchy Makealong! Read More >>

  • New Look, Same Cast

    New Look, Same Cast

    We couldn’t be more excited to unveil the fresh face of Pardon My Stash with our brand-new website! The journey to this revamped look and the introduction of our eagerly awaited membership system has been nothing short of exciting. Our hardworking cast poured… Read More >>

  • A Visit to Stars Hollow Yarns

    A Visit to Stars Hollow Yarns

    Deep in the heart of the Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut, a land of rolling farmlands and tiny side roads, of bed and breakfasts and mom ‘n pop general stores, is the tiny town of Washington Depot. This “blink and you miss it”… Read More >>

  • Join the Tea Time Cozy MAL

    Join the Tea Time Cozy MAL

    The weather may be cold and gray, but that doesn’t mean we have to be. Join the Pardon My Stash Tea Time Cozy Make Along! Open to all forms of fiber art crafting! Make a Teapot Cozy, or something related We know that… Read More >>

Hello, welcome to Pardon My Stash! Our podcast is about the fiber arts and how awesome it is! We delve into various topics within knitting and other fiber art crafts such as crochet, spinning, weaving, and more. We typically update bi-weekly with laughs, fun, and a bit of sass.

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Our newest updates from pardon my stash

Our podcast is all about celebrating the creativity, passion, and community that surrounds knitting, crochet, and more. We’re constantly exploring new techniques, creating new yarn colorways or patterns, and uncovering fresh stories to share with our listeners. We provide these through frequent updates to our website and episodes.

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Here are some of the types of posts you will see highlighted:

  1. Sneak Peeks – Our members got an exclusive early look at some bloopers before the annual holiday episode. They’re now available to the public, so don’t miss these gems.
  2. Behind the Scenes – Ever wondered what goes on during the making of our podcast? We’re sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  3. Event and Makealong Announcements – find out where the cast is traveling to next, as well as the details for the latest makealong to join.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and keep those creative juices flowing!