Fiber Arts Podcast in Connecticut, USA

Knitalongs and Knitting Circles

The cast discuss how to create a knitalong, or participate in an existing one. It’s broken down into easy steps to follow. They also discuss how to make your own knitting circle with resources you have available to you.

Different patterns mentioned during the share your current project segment

Back East Wrap Shawl pattern

Harvest Cardigan pattern

Koko Bean pattern

More Simple Lines Shawl pattern

Christmas Stocking

Knitalong Information

We will be doing a knitalong in January 2022 featuring the following pattern: Celtic Myths Fingering Shawl. It will begin January 2nd 2022 and end March 2nd 2022. This will be a very loose knitalong; we are not going to have steps in between our knitalong to meet, we encourage everyone to keep a good pace and know thyself while you’re working the pattern.

If you need some guidance, aim to be at the border by midway, or February 2nd-ish.

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