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Irreplaceable Yarns

My precioussssssss…

We all have them – those super special skeins, hanks, and balls of yarn that we treasure close to our hearts. We adore them. We display them. Every so often we reach up and pet them, or take them down to admire them. What we don’t do…

Is use them.

How do you finally bite the bullet and craft your irreplaceable yarn? How do you gather the courage to consume that which, once used, can never be used again? Furthermore, what qualifies a yarn as “irreplaceable?”

Is it value? Is it a skein so amazingly precious in fiber content or monetary value that you work yourself into a frenzy thinking that no project will ever bring it justice?

Is it its origins? Did it come from a place you may never return to, a yarn shop that is now closed, a dyer that has shut up shop and quit the business? Are there a limited number of skeins in the world, and you know you’ll never have another?

Is it the unique colorway? A base that has been discontinued? The possibilities are endless!

In this episode of Pardon My Stash, Tina leads the cast in discussion what makes a yarn precious, and ways to combat this Gollum-like reluctance to move from adoring our yarn like so much art and using it for its original purpose – to create art. We discuss yarns that we have prized over the years, how we finally convinced ourselves to use them, and even a few confessions of how we have not convinced ourselves… and still need more convincing!


Meg finished Selbu Modern!

Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn. Yarn: Critical Hit Dyes Rogue in “Charm” (MC) and “Wither&Bloom” Gradient 5-Pack (CC)

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