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Indecisive Yarns

You know them. We all have them. Those beautiful yarns in your stash that you treasure, hold dear and show off… but you don’t know what to do with them.

Sometimes the color scheme or pooling just isn’t working with the pattern you choose. Sometimes you don’t even get that far – the yarn has been sitting in your collection for months or even years (no judging!). You pull it out, you pet it and admire it… and then it goes right back where it came from, because you literally have no idea where to take it.

In this episode of Pardon My Stash, the cast discusses what to do with these special but frustrating skeins. We discuss what to do when the yarn composition just isn’t jiving with the project you had in mind for it, as well as the possibility that the yarn is destined for another craft (weaving, perhaps?). And we talk about occasions when we’ve been in such tight spots, and what we have done.

Example: Tina uses a variegated yarn that she had trouble with, alongside a solid color in a brioche scarf.


Tina finished her Southwood Sweater! And her Modern Cabled Tea Cozy!

Meg finished her Lovely Stripes Shawl!

Current Projects:

Not shown: Jess – secret, Drea – Snail Tea Cozy

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2 responses to “Indecisive Yarns”

  1. Jean Gross Avatar
    Jean Gross

    Enjoying eaves dropping on your conversations! One of you mentioned a “seed dot stitch” during the Indecisive Yarns episode. I’m not familiar with that. Can you please provide a description?

    Thanks do much,

    1. Tina Avatar

      I can! You would knit, purl every stitch on one row, and then on the next row, you would purl, knit. It creates cute alternating bump like fabric. Gives a little more oomph than stockinette!

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