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Hot Takes: Opinions About the Craft (Parts I & II)

Opinions. We all have them, whether we choose to air them or not. Sometimes they’re controversial, sometimes they’re popular, sometimes they’re appalling, but one thing is for sure: every person — every CRAFTER — has them.

In this two-part episode, the cast discusses their “hottest takes” about knitting, crochet, fiber, patterns, and marketing. We’re “saying the quiet part out loud” by airing our personal beliefs and opinions about the hobby we love so much. From our preferences of yarn weights and fiber content, to our hatred of the mythical “yarn police”, to size inclusivity (and lack thereof) in popular designs, to the way we should behave in each other’s personal space (or social media “living room”) – Pardon My Stash is getting opinionated, and getting personal!

Please remember that these are the private opinions of the cast of Pardon My Stash, and in no way are we claiming to speak for a majority or even a minority of other crafters.

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