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Expressing Yourself

In the crafting world, we frequently engage in “twinning” behavior. We makealong with our friends (shoutout to the PMS Matchy Makealong – we’re in the home stretch now!), we make multiples of the same pattern, and sometimes we even debate about accidental (or not accidental) copycatting. But there’s some comfort in knowing that nobody knits, crochets, or otherwise crafts in exactly the same way you do.

In this episode, we talk about how we utilize the fiber arts to let our preferences and personalities shine through. Whether it’s our yarn choices, our preferred color palette, or the techniques we favor above all, each of us crafts in an entirely different way. And isn’t that something to celebrate? We hope that this episode helps you be mindful of your own personal crafting expression, and how it is different from everyone else’s!

A Note About Sponsorship

In this episode, we are excited to announce that Pardon My Stash has recently entered into a sponsorship agreement with Jimmy Beans Wool. Although historically we have been hesitant to enter into any major sponsorship agreements due to concerns about authenticity, we were very happy with the terms Jimmy Beans stipulated, which allows (and encourages!) us to give honest, unvarnished opinions about merchandise that is available through their store. While you may hear us mention yarns or notions from Jimmy Beans, rest assured that our opinions are indeed ours, and we will continue to bring you the honesty that has been our hallmark for the past almost three years. We are thrilled and excited to be working with Jimmy Beans Wool, and we look forward to this partnership.


Jess completed Between the Dragon and His Wrap!

Yarn is Critical Hit Dyes Paladin in Thunderwave and Copper Dragon.

Drea – Arachne by Verily Knits

Meg – Impressionists by Helen Stewart

Tina – Hi Vis Beanie by Finarina Knitwear (pattern coming soon!)

Jess – Dige Vest by Josee Paquin

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One response to “Expressing Yourself”

  1. Alyx Perry Avatar
    Alyx Perry

    Listening to your podcast. I laughed out loud when you said “under construction”. My gf recently released her first book. The title…”Under Construction”. It’s a rom com style of romance novel. May not be your bag, but I suggest you try. Especially if you like strong women main characters. Love the podcast. Still trying to put the voices to the names. But I think I am at the point I can tell your voices apart. Keep up the awesome banter and laughs.

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