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Eff Around and Find Out

Everyone familiar with this phrase?

Usually it’s stated as a challenge to “try it and see” – attempt to get away with something and accept the natural consequences of your actions. But on this crazy, non-sequitur episode of Pardon My Stash, the cast goes a little off topic in content, and has more of an informal knit night to give our listeners a little insight as to who we are as people.

Meg leads the cast in a series of insightful, thought-provoking, and at times comical questions in a deeper dive of who we are as individuals, outside of crafting. Far removed from our original introduction episode, we talk about such topics as Tina’s idea of a perfect day, what Jess collects (the list is long but distinguished), Drea’s best habits, and what 21 year old Meg might say to Meg in the present day. In other words… we literally “eff around” and you, the listener, “find out.”

A final note: we do non-sequitur episodes every so often, exclusive to our subscribers, so if this format is more your jam, there’s lots more over on our Patreon!

Current WIPs:

(Not pictured – Meg’s Sun Drop Top)

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