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At Pardon My Stash, we’re dedicated to keeping our podcast absolutely free for you, our fabulous fiber arts community. Now, let’s spill the yarn beans here: creating a podcast, especially one that’s as awesome as ours, is a whirlwind of creativity, dedication, and a dash of magic – well, okay, maybe not magic, but it sure feels like it sometimes! From the moment we hit record to the time it lands in your ears, there’s a whole symphony of effort behind the scenes.

Want to help us continue to provide the podcast for free? Consider a one-time or recurring donation! Think of it as your way of saying, “Hey, great job, you fabulous fiber friends!” You’re helping us cover expenses like creating, editing, and hosting those audio files, replacing equipment as things break, hosting our website for episode blog posts and makealong information, and ensuring our podcast pops up everywhere you love to listen.

Jess, Meg, Tina, and Drea standing in front of the Rhinebeck tree, smiling.
Rhinebeck, NY @ NY Sheep and Wool in 2023
Left to right: Jess, Meg, Tina, and Drea

So, why not sprinkle a little yarny kindness our way? Every donation is like a virtual high-five, a pat on the back, or a virtual meal (our sessions are typically 3-4 hours long, and we need to eat/drink at some point!). Your support means the world to us and keeps the podcast needles clicking!

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Stay tuned, keep crafting, and remember, you’re the stitches that make our podcast cozy and wonderful. Thanks for being part of the Pardon My Stash community!