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Dealing With Negativity (From Yourself Or Others)

In a perfect world, we would all feel supported as fiber artists, and we would all have complete and total confidence in ourselves. Unfortunately, we know by now that we don’t live in a perfect world, and we don’t always have the kind of fire and self-assuredness that we need in order to be the absolute best aspect of ourselves.

This week, Pardon My Stash gets a little serious in discussing what to do when you are dealing with negativity pertaining to your craft. Jess leads the episode in discussing how to counteract those who may attempt to make you feel insecure. We also take a dive into our own insecurities as artists, and how we deal with – or try to deal with – those negative feelings.

We also feature the return of Jess’s Mystery Box segment, where we talk about increases and decreases! We all have our preferences, but it’s always good to have a whole arsenal of increases and decreases in our back pockets. Jess has kindly provided us with the Nimble Needles cheat sheets, you can find them here:



Current WIPs:

(Not pictured – Drea’s Akemi shawl, Jess’s crocheted Potion Bottle Dice Bag)

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