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Creativity vs. Business

On Pardon My Stash, we talk a lot about people who constantly urge you to monetize your hobby, that say it isn’t worth crafting if you aren’t making the big bucks off what you make, and how silly that mentality is. We’ve said time and again that you should never feel obligated or pressured to monetize your craft, that a hobby should be done for the pure joy of it.

But what if you actually do want to go into the crafting business?

In this episode, we talk about the double-edged sword of monetizing your craft, the two sides of a crafty business: the creative (coming up with and producing a marketable product) and the business (the legal, paperwork, marketing, sales side). Tina talks about Finarina Knitwear, and the constant drive to update, improve, and release new patterns. Meg and Jess look back on the successes and pitfalls of the last year since creating Critical Hit Dyes, and why it’s so important to designate roles when working with another person. And Drea explains how she responds to people who urge her to monetize her knitting, and the real reason why every good small business – be it pattern designing, yarn dyeing, or podcasting – stays in business.

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