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Crafting Rituals

Everyone has their rituals – those patterns and behaviors we all practice at certain times and events. Before big games, before a test or a job interview, or even just when we wake up in the morning. But what about when we craft?

In this episode, Drea leads us through a discussion of what rituals and familiar routines we practice when we do our crafting. Whether it’s making the perfect “nest” on the couch, pouring yourself the perfect mug of whatever beverage you fancy, or freeing your crafting space of clutter and disorder before you sit down and begin, we run the whole gamut of crafting rituals and what it takes to make your special crafting time yours.

Drea and Tina talk about trash TV, Meg stresses the importance of having a clean space, and Jess YouTube’s to her little heart’s content. Everyone is different, and isn’t that what makes crafting great?


Tina finished a freehand stockinette hat!

Current WIPS:

(Missing: Drea’s Akemi Shawl, Jess’s Tea Cozy)

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