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Crafters’ Creative Habits

When it comes to the way we craft and create, each one of us approaches the fiber arts from a different direction. And over the years, we tend to fall into habits and pathways that we may not even notice about ourselves. In this episode, the cast talks about the habits we’ve formed over nearly two decades of fiber arts – what we’ve come to realize we do, and other habits that others have shown us about ourselves.

Review: Mini Minder

Both Jess and Meg received Mini Minders, courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool. Both of us have had a chance to use them. Jess loves the way that they keep the yarn free of tangles and also keep the balls or cakes from rolling off the table and bouncing away. Meg was really excited because the strap fixed to the top can go neatly over the wrist for ease and portability. She’s been carrying the yarn on her wrist, which enables her to knit and walk at the same time!

The Mini Minder retails from $40-$45 and comes in a variety of colors and designs. They can be found at Jimmy Beans Wool.


Jess finished a Jellyfish!

Yarn is Madelintosh Tosh DK in “Stitchin’ States: Home Means Nevada” and “Rye Bourbon”, courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool.

Current WIPs:

Drea – Arachne by Verily Knits in Plies and Hellhounds Penny, colorways “Nightmares +10” and “Flower Moon”

Meg – A Random Act of Kindness by Nat Raedwulf in Madelinetosh Tosh DK, colorway “Bird is the Word” (courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool)

Tina – Seed Dot Beanie by Finarina Knitwear (bulky weight pattern coming soon!) in Madelintosh ASAP, colorway “Wilted” (courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool)

Jess – Borbs, self made pattern.

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