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Competition Knitting

This week we are talking about crafting for competition – entering our creations in state and local fairs to be judged (and hopefully receive ribbons)! We talk about the process of entering, tips for submitting your crafts to be judged, and the motivation for doing so — why exactly do we want our works judged?

Drea gets two this week! First with her finished Amici Cowl:

With bonus Chester, looking totally affronted. No idea know why, it’s a great cowl.

As we were recording, she finished her Fiona Beanie from the Pardon My Stash Fall 2022 MAL (with a twist, she added her own flair to it, as she explains in the episode):

Yarn is Critical Hit Dyes Druid DK, in the colorway “Wild Magic” (experimental color dyeing, one of a kind).

Current WIPs (mentioned in this week’s episode):

Drea: Hestia Beanie (Malabrigo Rios, “Azul Profundo”, and A Hundred Ravens Aesir, “Annotated”)

Meg: Dark Academia (Critical Hit Dyes Ranger, “Aerolth’s Crystal” and “Gold Dragon”)

Tina: Dark Academia (Murky Depths Deep Sock, “Ashen” and “Age of Aquarium”)

Jess: Norrland Gloves (Less Traveled Yarn, “Aurora Borealis” and Cascade Heritage Sock, “White”)

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