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Cast Ons and Their Uses

Show of hands – how many of us knew just one cast on when we started knitting, and why was it the backwards loop?

There isn’t one terrific, one-size-fits-all cast on, even though it might take us years to break out of our comfort zone and try some new ones! In this week’s episode, we get up close and personal with the cast on. We talk about the techniques we love, and the ones we don’t, and what works best for what type of project. Do you have a favorite cast on?

Links from the Podcast:

Tina shares her go-to video by 10rowsaday, Simple Way To Make a Tubular Cast On In The Round Without a Crochet Hook and Waste Yarn

Meg shares the first video that helped her learn how to crochet, How to Crochet Ann’s Puff Stitch

Current WIPs:

Drea – Cian Beanie by Emily Greene

Meg – Poema by Vera Sanon

Tina – Chemo Beanie

Jess – Rosehip by Anna Johanna

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