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Hot Takes: Opinions About the Craft (Parts I & II)

Opinions. We all have them, whether we choose to air them or not. Sometimes they’re controversial, sometimes they’re popular, sometimes they’re appalling, but one thing is for sure: every person — every CRAFTER — has them.

In this two-part episode, the cast discusses their “hottest takes” about knitting, crochet, fiber, patterns, and marketing. We’re “saying the quiet part out loud” by airing our personal beliefs and opinions about the hobby we love so much. From our preferences of yarn weights and fiber content, to our hatred of the mythical “yarn police”, to size inclusivity (and lack thereof) in popular designs, to the way we should behave in each other’s personal space (or social media “living room”) – Pardon My Stash is getting opinionated, and getting personal!

Please remember that these are the private opinions of the cast of Pardon My Stash, and in no way are we claiming to speak for a majority or even a minority of other crafters.

Current WIPs:

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Project Relationships and Quickies

What kind of relationship do you have with your crafting? Or should we say “relationships”, plural?

Are you a crafting monogamist, remaining faithful to one project from the time of its inception to its bind off and conclusion? Or are you a little freer with your WIPs, choosing to cast on multiple projects at once, each serving different needs?

In this episode, the cast gets in depth with our personal preferences as to how we keep our WIPs. Drea is a die-hard monogamist, while Tina keeps a bevy of WIPs in her massive project bag. Jess likes to have a knit AND a crochet project on the needles (and hook) at all times, while Meg has a couple of different WIPs to suit different needs.

There’s no one right way to craft, and there’s certainly no moral minimum (or maximum) of WIPs. What’s your preference?

Current WIPs:

Not shown: Tina – Baby Blanket

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Christmas in July

For those of us who enjoy crafting in the winter – and creating handmade gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays – we know it’s never too early to start thinking about those cold-weather crafts (even when it’s in the 90’s up here in the northern hemisphere!). This week, the cast discusses how we prepare for winter and gift-giving crafting – how we pick our projects and yarns, how we budget our time, and what we ourselves are planning for this upcoming season.

Current WIPs:

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Tools of the Trade, Parts I and II

Wayyyyy back when Pardon My Stash first started, we had an episode where we shared what’s in our notions bags, what our favorite needles and brands are, and what tools of the trade we prefer. Almost two years later, we revisit this topic, and bring you up to date on what our new favorites (and Ol’ Reliables) are.

Below are the links to all products mentioned in this special two-part series, in case you want to get your hands on some of our favorites!

Disclaimer: None of the links below are from paid advertisers. The opinions in these episodes are our own and we are in no way being compensated for any promotions either on the podcast or blog.


Stitches by Jessalu

Diaper Wet Bags (examples from Amazon)

A Hundred Ravens (currently no project bags in stock, but the page link still exists, so it is possible they will restock in the future)

June Pryce Fiber Arts (Etsy store currently offline, though there is a link to the shop through Instagram)


Barber Cords – The Knitting Barber

The Knit and Crochet Kit – Summer Camp Fibers

Fox and Pine Stitch Stoppers

Portuguese Knitting Necklace – 220 Penny Lane

Portuguese Knitting Rings – Wishful Knitting

Pocket Pharmacy stitch marker holder (examples on Etsy)

Needle Wranglers – Bead Biz



Knit Picks Caspian Options Interchangeable Set

Knitters Pride Karbonz

Addi Turbos

Knitters Pride Mindful Collection

Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Platina

Susan Bates Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Current WIPs:

(Not Pictured: Tina – Tea in the Tropics Tea Cozy, Jess – Phoenix Amigurumi)

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State of the Current Crafting World

As makers and fiber artists ourselves, we feel it is so important for us to keep in touch with the greater crafting world around us – for example, what is going on with small businesses, fiber artists, craft shows, fairs, etc. This week we take on a more serious tone as we examine what is going on around us. We tackle the somewhat painful subject of the closing of many small businesses, including a few of our favorites, and we talk about the different mentalities of competition vs. lifting each other up as artists. Our major takeaway? When one of us succeeds, we all succeed – and there’s a place for everyone in the fiber arts community.

Current WIPs:

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Q&A From Our Listeners #5

It’s summer time, and time to relax! We kick back this week to answer a few questions. Every few months or so we ask our listeners via Instagram if they have any questions they would like answered on the podcast. Some of our favorites this episode include:

  • Tips and tricks for learning and improving at the brioche stitch
  • Projects we hate but love
  • What our fiber arts “wet dream” is – this question provided us with a chuckle!

If you have a question you’d like answered and don’t want to wait for the next Instagram questionnaire, feel free to email us at [email protected]! Your question could be featured on an upcoming episode!


Drea finished her desk!

Current WIPs:

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Yarn Breaks: Intentional and Unintentional

There are so many jokes about knitters, crocheters, and overabundant stash on the internet, it would be impossible to count them all. We’ve all heard them. We’ve rolled our eyes at them. We’ve shared them, either proudly or not so proudly, with our friends. When it’s necessary, we self-impose a ban on buying yarn, with varying degrees of success. We break them, intentionally or unintentionally, and start buying again.

The cast of Pardon My Stash all went on a bit of a yarn hiatus this year, whether intentional (Tina) or unintentional (Meg, Jess, and Drea). In this latest episode, we report back what we have learned about buying yarn, not buying yarn, and how we intend on purchasing yarn in the future. We talk about the importance of supporting small businesses like local yarn stores and indie dyers, so we continue to have the availability of choice in the future. And we talk about how our stashes have changed as a result of purchasing mindfully.

Have you ever taken a yarn break? What did you learn?


Jess finished her first ever sweater!

Pattern: Sweater of Swords by Hannah Mann. Yarn: Critical Hit Dyes Ranger in “Vishka” and “Morganius”

Current WIPs:

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Hyperfixation is Fun

We’ve talked about moving forward, we’ve talked about moving back, but what do you do when you aren’t moving at all?

When the very idea of picking up your knitting, crochet, or other fiber arts project gives you the sads?

When you “just aren’t feeling it?

Or… when there’s something else – another hobby, craft, or idea – that hits you in just the right way, and you can’t focus on anything else?

This episode brought to you by Drea’s latest hyperfixation – refinishing a desk that she got for a steal of just $10! We talk about hyperfixating and how it can be both a blessing and a curse, a burden and a boon. We discuss how we handle – and work with – our hyperfixations. And we talk about how to get back on track with your fiber arts when your hyperfixation is over, if you’re ready.

Crafting is supposed to be fun. You don’t owe anybody your craft.

Current WIPs:

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Taking a Step Back

We’ve talked about knowing when to take the next step forward, but how do you know when it’s time to take a step back? Not to quit, not to give up, but when to fall back on tried-and-true projects, do something calming, easy, and meditative, rather than something that is a challenge or a stretch?

In all things, people need times of rest and renewal. We can only go so hard and so long before we burn out and get exhausted. In this week’s episode, we talk a little bit about knowing when it’s time to take a step back and breathe a little, so that we don’t burn out on knitting, crochet, and other fiber arts. We talk about the signs and the “doom feeling” that settles on us when a WIP isn’t working for us anymore, and tips and tricks for how to take a step back without giving up entirely. We also talk about our “old reliables” – projects that we like to fall back on when that doom feeling sets in, which can be found below:

Utrecht Beanie by Dolly Vargas

More Simple Lines by maanel

Sunday Swing Socks by Kristel Nyberg

Mini Potion Bottle by StitchbyFay

Current WIPS:

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Taking the Next Step

How do you know when it’s time to move forward? Taking the next step in knitting looks different – and is different – for everyone. Everybody’s crafting journey is different… and that’s okay! Some of us prefer to stay doing garter- or 1×1 rib stitch scarves for years. Some don’t ever want to try larger projects like sweaters, shawls, or socks. But for those who do decide they want to seek to learn something more complex, how do you make that leap? When do you know it’s time to take the next step?

This week’s episode was inspired by Jess, who after many years of passionately saying she’d never knit a sweater, is nearly done with her Sweater of Swords by Hannah Mann. The cast talks about the pressure of moving to more complicated projects in order to be considered “real knitters” (spoiler alert: you are a “real knitter” if you know how to successfully execute the knit stitch. Full stop). Each one of us talks about how we took the next steps to learn new skills with knitting, crochet, and crafting in general. And we talk about the “baby steps” you can take if you really want to try something more complicated, but need a little extra confidence! We end the episode talking about the “reach” projects we still want to attempt someday (here’s a picture of Jess’s).

Current WIPs: